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Convenience and quality of living

Kälberstücksweg in Bad Homburg’s Dornholzhausen district is a first-class residential area. The 30 single-family houses and 20 condominiums combine modern architecture with high-quality, solid construction. Efficiency and sustainability meet family-friendliness and proximity to nature.

Energy-efficient and innovative

All the buildings of the complex receive district heating via a state-of-the-art cogeneration system of the Bad Homburg public utility company. This system fulfils the Energy Standard KfW 70. Effective underfloor heating ensures a marvelous indoor climate on all floors.

Exclusive interior design

The pleasant indoor climate of the flats is enhanced by the solid oak parquet flooring. Ceilings 2.65 meters high make rooms feel spacious. In line with the exclusive standard, baths have a modern daylight design featuring premium fittings from well-known manufacturers.

Like living in the country

All the residential units have sunny terraces on the lower or upper floor, some featuring a view of the Taunus. In addition, the family-friendly complex offers numerous opportunities for recreation and sports in the immediate surroundings as well as on the grounds. There is also an excellent transportation link.

Condominiums “Wohnen am Kälberstücksweg”

More information

Though the houses and flats have already been sold, you will find in-depth information about the project on this website:

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Further References

Large property investments

  • Office building, Brienner Strasse 53 in downtown Munich
    Sold to a professional pension institution of Frankfurt am Main for €33m
  • “Clouth” project: bulk sale of apartments
    Sold to a professional pension institution of Karlsruhe for approx. €20m
  • Residential building in Voltastr., FFM City-West
    Sold to Bouwfonds European Residential for approx. €25m
  • Real estate package “LEO II” of the State of Hesse
    Sold for more than €700m to CA Immo Anlagen AG, Vienna
  • Commercial and residential real estate in Wiesbaden, Cologne and Bad Homburg
    Sold to the Landesärztekammer Hessen, Frankfurt am Main
  • Health center in Hamburg-Harburg and Schufa headquarters, Wiesbaden
    Sold to Immo Kapitalanlage AG of Vienna for approx. €50m
  • Residential real estate, Berlin
    Sold to CCM Berlin Equity LLC
  • 100 residential units in Leipzig
    Sold to an institutional investor for approx. €27m
  • Office and administration building in Hamburg-Harburg
    Sold to Family Office Peter Unger for approx. €15m
  • 98 apartments along Czermaks Garten in Leipzig’s Graphic district
    Sold to a building fund for approx. €27m

Real estate marketing

  • Wohnen am Schloss, Bad Homburg
    For Wohn-Wert Hochtaunus GmbH, Friedrichsdorf (64 service condominiums for senior citizens and 20 condominiums)
  • Cretzschmarstrasse 8, Sulzbach (Taunus)
    For Regius GmbH, Oberursel (5 condominiums and 4 single-family houses)
  • Kälberstücksweg 2-16, Bad Homburg
    For Wohn-Wert Hochtaunus GmbH, Friedrichsdorf (30 single-family houses and 22 condominiums)
  • Waldstrasse 6 and Gattenhöferweg 26, Oberursel
    For Wohn-Wert Hochtaunus GmbH, Friedrichsdorf (18 condominiums and 9 single-family houses)
  • Condominiums “Solitär, Elegance und Prestige”, Deutschherrnufer 50-52 in Frankfurt am Main
    For Bouygues Immobilien GmbH
  • City Forum Offenbach
    For Bayerische Industrie- und Gewerbe Bau GmbH & Co., Munich (Schörghuber Corporate Group)
  • Terraced house complexes in Mainz, Bad Soden, Frankfurt
    For Wilma Bauprojekte, Wiesbaden
  • Residential property & golf course, Motzener See
    For Thyssen Krupp Immobilien GmbH, Essen
  • Residential and commercial real estate in Bad Homburg
    Including a department store for Peek & Cloppenburg


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